The Only Way is Up for W5!

W5 at the Odyssey.
W5 at the Odyssey.

This summer, something new, unique and really rather huge is coming to W5 at Odyssey and from July 5 it will be taking over W5’s Atrium in the heart of the building permanently.

This summer W5 will unveil “climbit”, an unusual mixture of physical fun, exploration and art! This huge multi-storey climbing structure, which is a cross between a maze and a jungle gym is the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland. climbit is a unique, visually elegant, three dimensional sculpture specially designed for climbing with oval platforms suspended from steel pipes and cables letting visitors traverse over, under and through this amazing structure allowing them to stretch their muscles, test their limits, take safe risks, and develop confidence in their physical abilities.

W5’s new exhibit was designed by Luckey Climbers, an American company renowned for one-of-a-kind climbing sculptures. For several years, children have been scaling Luckey Climbers in fits of absolute euphoria as they have popped up in children’s museums across the United States, South Korea, Indonesia and recently in Switzerland but this experience has not been available anywhere in the UK or Ireland… until now.

The project has been part-funded by Odyssey Trust Company and the European Regional Development Fund under the European Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland, administered by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and is supported by Media Partner UTV.

This summer W5 will reveal this brand new iconic attraction for the award-winning science and discovery centre and will mark a huge investment in the centre for the quarter of a million people who choose to visit W5 every year. To find out more visit