Braid chamber redesign

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Members of Mid and East Antrim’s Policy and Resources Committee have given officers the go-ahead to seek professional advice over the design of the chamber at the Braid, which is the civic headquarters for the new authority.

In order for the first meeting of the Mid and East Antrim Council to take place there in June, a temporary seating layout was approved and put in place.

However, a report stated that members felt the layout was ‘not conducive to effective meetings’.

A Council officer said that due to current chamber restraints, the Council wanted to establish a design working group to engage with appropriate professionals, adding that professional costs could reach around £80 per hour.

Cllr James Brown said that the Braid council chamber was not conducive to Committee work and added that ‘some sort of design was needed.’

Cllr Billy Ashe commented: “The sooner we get a bit of work done there the better.”