Ballymena Age NI shop in appeal for donations

As the cold weather begins to bite with greater severity, an urgent appeal has been issued by Age NI for donations to their Ballymena store.

Winter can be a difficult time for older people and Age NI’s Advice Service receives a surge in calls from those with fuel, money and health concerns at this time of year.

Margaret Agnew, the manager of the Age NI shop at 22-24 Mill Street, Ballymena explains that such shops play an important role in supporting the charity to provide services for those in need.

She said: “Right now, we are extremely low in donations. People can help us by taking part in our ‘Donate a Coat’ scheme – if you’re updating your winter wardrobe with a new coat, donate your old one to our shop.

“You can also bring in other clothing, or accessories such as bags, jewellery and scarves, homeware including old china and ornaments, and other items like books and cds.

“Drop in to our shop at 22-24 Mill Street with a bag, no matter how big or small. Every single item donated will make a difference.”

Find out more about Age NI’s Spread the Warmth winter campaign at www.ageni.org/stw




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