‘Sneak thief’ imprisoned

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A man described by his legal representative as a “sneak thief” has been jailed for 15 months.

Ivan Oulsak (26), with an address at Waveney Road, admitted a number of theft-related offences - mainly from vehicles - at Ballymena Magistrates Court.

They included the theft of a laptop computer valued at £800 from a car on March 26 last year and the theft of £1,200 in cash from another vehicle on December 10.

In another instance, Oulsak admitted stealing CDs from a car and then fraudulently selling them for money at an exchange outlet.

Barrister Stephen Law said: “He would try handles of car doors and if the door opened, he would go in and try to steal either ready cash or something he could convert into cash.

Sentencing Oulsak, District Judge Des Perry also activated previously-imposed suspended sentences to run consecutively.