Ballymena ‘cow in car’ snap goes viral on the web!

editorial image

editorial image

A camera phone snap of what appears to be a calf in the back seat of a Citroen Xsara which was being driven through Ballymena town centre last week has gone ‘viral’ on the internet!

Employment officer Carla Quinn was on a trip to the bank last Friday when her fellow traveller spotted what appeared to be a very large dog in the back seat of the vehicle in front.

But then it dawned on the pair that the animal was, in fact, a calf.

Carla said: “I was looking at it and I could see something like a head and then the head came up and it looked like a panda. Then it lifted the head and all I could see was the two yellow tags on the ears and I said ‘It’s a cow!’

“We had to take a photo because nobody would have believed me if I’d gone home and said ‘Guess what I’ve just seen -- a cow in a car in the middle of town’.”

Carla emailed the picture to a few friends and now it’s creating a stir on Twitter.

A PSNI spokesman commented that it was “ill-advised but not illegal” to carry a calf in a car, saying it doesn’t breach the offence of driving without due care and attention.




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