Funds for Harryville-based ‘Carson Group’

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editorial image

A cross community project based in Harryville will share in a funding windfall which will enable them to continue links with a similar scheme in Londonderry.

The ‘Leafair Carson Project’ will benefit from the allocated funding of £102,736 towards an onongoing programme with the Leafair Community Association in Londonderry/Derry. The project will target three distinct groups: older young people 21-30 who will complete a leadership and capacity building programme; training and skills development programme for younger people aged 17-25, the training for this group will be based on employment related skills but will also look at issues and needs within each of the areas the young people live in.

A women’s development programme will also have a focus on getting young women more engaged in the wider community and the issues and challenges affecting those communities.

The International Fund for Ireland has committed more than one million Euros (€1,194,978/£995,742) towards a dozen peace projects in Northern Ireland and four southern border counties. The financial commitment will be distributed among rural and urban projects designed to resolve complex and sensitive issues and re-engage communities in peace building activities.




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