Gift recycling at Barnardo’s

Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

Recycle your unwanted Christmas gifts and help vulnerable children at the same time is the message from Barnardo’s.

The children’s charity’s Ballymena shop is appealing for unwanted gifts to be donated so they can be sold to raise vital funds for local vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

With an estimated 30% of the gifts given at Christmas being unwanted, Barnardo’s guarantees they can find a customer for them.

To help potential donors out Barnardo’s has devised a list of the top five most ‘unwanted’ Christmas gifts received in the shops each year:

1. Scarves – shops received a record number of new scarves of all shapes and colours after Christmas last year that were then snapped up by shoppers looking for a post-Christmas bargain.

2. The second most popular ‘unwanted’ Christmas gift is the seasonal woolly jumper with Christmas jumpers being the on-trend item this season, get in early for next year by snapping up unwanted woollies.

3. Toiletry gift sets - always popular whatever the season.

4. Double ups – If you receive more than one copy of a favourite DVD the extra copies can be donated to Barnardo’s shops. Current DVDs are always popular sellers.

5. Household items – vases, tea sets, dressing table sets etc.

Ballymena shop manager Emma Rae said: “At some time we have all received a gift at Christmas that’s not suitable or we quite simply don’t want – and if you find yourself in that situation this year you can always find a good home for it by donating it to a Barnardo’s shop.

“The money raised from the sale of goods received by our shops goes directly towards helping disadvantaged children across Northern Ireland, so by donating your unwanted Christmas presents you will not only be recycling but also supporting Barnardo’s.

“Every year Barnardo’s NI works to turn around the lives of thousands of children and young people and our promise to you is that every penny raised locally is used locally.”




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