NI Conservative leaders from Ballymena

TWO local men have been elected to the Area Executive of Conservatives Northern Ireland.

Irwin Armstrong and Duncan Crossey, who are both from Glarryford, form part of the four-strong executive.

After his election as Conservative Business Relations Chairman, Irwin Armstrong a successful local businessman himself, said:

“I am honoured to have been elected to this challenging office where I hope to have an ongoing dialogue with as many Northern Ireland businesses as possible to discuss Conservative economic plans for the future and to listen to what businesses in NI really want from a UK Government. Local businesses who would like to put forward their views should contact me on 02825 685155.”

Duncan Crossey, a solicitor, is now Deputy Chairman (Membership).

He said:”We are seeking people to participate in a new politics for a new Northern Ireland. People of all faiths and none, regardless of their income, sex or sexuality, their age or the colour of their skin, can contribute and play an important part in the Conservatives and this new Northern Ireland. So we want people to join us and get involved.”

The Conservative Party are organising across Northern Ireland and are fighting the European and Westminster elections in partnership with the Ulster Unionist Party. The first test at the polls for the 'Conservatives and Unionists', campaigning together seeking people to ‘Vote For Change’, will be in the European Election on June 4 where Jim Nicholson is their joint candidate.

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