‘On the run’ lettersgive us the names, demands Paisley

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Ian Paisley Jnr. has called on the Government to release the names of those in receipt of ‘on the run’ letters.

The North Antrim MP was speaking after a meeting with Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers.

He said: “I have pushed the Secretary of State to disclose the names of the individuals in possession of these letters.

“Furthermore I have asked if any elected representatives of Sinn Fein at local, devolved or parliamentary level are on this list. I would also call upon Sinn Fein to disclose names of individuals whom they know to be on the list.”

Mr. Paisley said that the Secretary of State had agreed with his characterisation of the letters as being of ‘no value, worthless, annulled and useless and that they were not a reliable statement of fact, even at the time.’