Sunny Days.. Diamond pupils sing their way to Sesame Street

PUPILS from the Diamond Primary School in Cullybackey have just recorded their version of the Sesame Street theme tune which will be used on a new Northern Ireland version of the hit kids TV programme called Sesame Tree.

And to add to the occasion, the chart-topping star Duke Special joining them in their Cullybackey studio on Monday.

Principal of the school Rhonda Duffin said she was delighted that the school choir had been chosen: "This really came out of the blue. Our pupils have just recorded the theme tune for Sesame Street for this new programme.

"They are all really excited about doing this, and I am very pleased for them as they have been putting so much effort into the choir.

"I would also like to pay tribute to the dedication and hard work of our teachers Mrs Henry and Miss Cameron, who have spent hours practicing with the choir.

"It's a great honour for the Diamond Primary School to be asked to do this. I think everyone knows the theme tune to Sesame Street, and we will be looking forward to our pupils singing on the theme music to this new Sesame Tree show."

Sesame Tree is the upcoming Sesame Street television co-production for Northern Ireland. Belfast-based production company Sixteen South is producing the series in association with Sesame Workshop, set to air over BBC Northern Ireland in spring 2008.

The fifteen minute program will feature two new Muppet characters, developed by the Sixteen South production crew, built by the Jim Henson Company in New York, and performed by local puppeteers. Marty Robinson will assist in auditioning and training local performers.

The 20 planned episodes of Sesame Tree will also include clips from the American Sesame Street and live action film inserts from in and around Northern Ireland.

It will also include segments where local muppets interact with the American Muppets.