Town centre source of sewage problem

Ballymena Councillor Paul Frew.

Ballymena Councillor Paul Frew.

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MLA Paul Frew is urging townspeople to be careful what they deposit down sinks in the wake of drainage issues at Galgorm Street.

Mr Frew said he contacted NI Water for action in response to complaints he received about a sewerage problem from residents of Galgorm Street. He said one local claimed that “sewage seemed to be spilling out on to the streets from the gully systems and that water was also reaching the rim of their toilet bowl”.

The MLA said: “I am glad to report that NI Water have carried out a major desilt in the area which included Galgorm Street, Waveney Avenue and Clonavon Terrace. They also have stated that the blockage encountered was a result of inappropriate materials entering the sewer over the Christmas period further up the system in the town centre. I would like to ask residents & businesses of all areas to be mindful about what you’re putting down your sink..It is important that we take good care of our drainage systems,” he said.