VIDEO: ‘Giro Pink’ is Front Page news!

Ballymena businesses are putting on their racing colours in the run up to the arrival of Giro d’Italia cyclists in the town on Saturday.

More and more members of the commercial community are thinking pink and none more so than Stephen Reynolds who owns The Front Page bar on Ballymoney Street.

From pink bunting to pink umbrellas, themed wall plaques to an Italian flag and even a Penny Farthing bicycle, Stephen says he’s happy to have gone the extra mile to celebrate the world’s second largest cycle race coming through Ballymena by decorating his premises from top to bottom.

“It’s great that Ballymena is getting behind the Giro d’Italia and the Front Page is making a big effort to be part of the celebrations. It’s a great event for Ballymena, a great event for Northern Ireland. The Front Page is behind it - it’ll be pink gin all weekend!”, says Stephen.