Busy show season continues for Mid-Antrim fanciers

Tom McAlonan 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Ballymena Young Hens (l) with Jamie Greer.
Tom McAlonan 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Ballymena Young Hens (l) with Jamie Greer.

The show season continues in Mid-Antrim with activity at a number of local clubs.


The show season commenced in the local clubrooms on Friday 7th November with classes for the young birds through the wires. Judges travelled down from Muckamore, Tom Fleming who had a steady season and David Young who is building up his new loft in the area. T & G Balmer took the Red Card in the Young Cocks while visitor from Ballyclare Victor Montgomery was 1st Young Hens. Young Cock T/W – 1st T & G Balmer, 2nd & HC D & R Turkington, 3rd C Moore, 4th T McFall, Reserve & Commended R Lowry, HC V Montgomery. Young Hen T/W – 1st V Montgomery, 2nd & Reserve T & G Balmer, 3rd & VHC C Moore, 4th M/M Robinson, HC & Commended T McFall. The second week was the old birds through the wires, this time the judges travelled across from Cullybackey, high flying N & S Anderson and club secretary Edrick Davidson. Victor Montgomery won the Old Cocks and Alwyn Neill from Lurgan lifted the Red Card in Old Hen. Old Cock T/W – 1st V Montgomery, 2nd C Moore, 3rd Blair & Rankin, 4th M/M Robinson, Reserve & Commended A Neill, VHC & HC D & R Turkington. Old Hen T/W – 1st & 3rd A Neill, 2nd R Lowry, 4th & Commended D & R Turkington, Reserve M/M Robinson, VHC T & G Balmer, HC V Montgomery. Friday - Young Cock & Young Hen Handled.


Well done Len Russell wins both Young pairs and Old pairs at Cullybackey Hps under the judges Steel e & McNeill top prize-winners in Rasharkin.


Show season started on Wednesday 5th November class for Old Cocks T/W, followed over the next few weeks by OH, YC, YH, Mated Pairs, Pieds/Eye-sign. The Annual Open Show will take place on Boxing Day, Friday 26th December, more details on this later. Judges for the first week travelled from Randalstown, secretary Stuarty Logan and long distance ace Anthony McNeill. Alan Barkley & Son penned 1st & 2nd from the entry of almost 100 birds. Old Cocks T/W (94 Birds) – 1st, 2nd & HC A Barkley & Son, 3rd Scott & Clements, 4th B Swann & Son, Reserve & HC Surgenor Bros, Commended J Getty. Brian Herbison travelled in from Cullybackey to judge the Old Hens, just short of 100 birds again with the Red Card going to Gregg Bros. Old Hens T/W (97 Birds) – 1st Gregg Bros, 2nd & Reserve Surgenor Bros, 3rd B Swann & Son, 4th & HC Scott & Clements, VHC G McDowell, Commended T Shanks & Son. Wednesday – Young Cocks through wires.


The third week was the start of the Handled Classes, under 100 birds were penned for Young Cocks and Young Hens. The younger generation carried out the judging with Jamie Greer and Steven Anderson travelling in from Cullybackey. Young Hens had the bigger entry and it was a great result for the Ballymena Chairman Tom McAlonan taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd with the Special for BIS. In the Young Cocks it was a night of great success for MDC Magill, 5 cards including 1st, 3rd and 4th. The raffle was won by club President Willie Smyth. Monday 17th Nov – Old Cocks & Old Hens Handled followed on Monday 24th November with classes for Old Pairs and Young Fancy. Young Cocks (36 Birds) – 1st, 3rd, 4th, VHC & HC MDC Magill, 2nd Russell Bros, Reserve B Herbison, Commended W & N Gilbert. Young Hens (52 Birds) – 1st & Special, 2nd & 3rd McAlonan Bros, 4th McFall & McManus, Reserve G & A Eagleson, VHC Blair & Rankin, HC B Herbison, Commended M/M M Sempey. The Annual Open Show is Thursday 1st January 2015. The Annual dinner and prize presentation will be in the Tullyglass Hotel on Saturday 10th January 2015.