38 pupils received ‘minimum’ of NINE A*/A grades!

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GCSE results achieved by Ballymena Academy pupils have lived up to the outstanding ‘A’ level results of last week.

Stephen Black, Principal, said: “This kind of success is not accidental and could not be achieved without the support of parents and the dedication of the teaching and support staff. It is also important to mention the good working relationships that are such an important feature of the life and work of this school.

“In addition to the terrific individual performances highlighted below, which identify almost half of the year group as attaining 7 or more A*/A grades, there are also a significant number of high achievers not named here because of pressure of space, who should be commended and can look forward to Sixth Form with confidence.”

“Equally as noteworthy is the performance of the whole year group which shows considerable increase once again in the number of A*/A grades and also reveals that the percentage of pupils achieving 7 A* - C grades (including English and Mathematics) will significantly exceed N.I. Grammar School averages.

“These GCSE outcomes sustain the school’s well-deserved reputation, locally and nationally, for enabling pupils to achieve very high standards, in and out of the classroom and examination hall.”

“This set of results also confirms that our young people are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that the future will bring. For the overwhelming majority that means entry to the Ballymena Academy Sixth Form whilst others will prefer a different route; regardless of their choice, we extend our best wish to all.”

The overall examination results show the extent of the success that has been earned by the young people:

98% of all grades were at Grade C or better

Almost 95% of our young people achieved at least one A grade.

In 23 individual subjects the % of grades A* - B exceeded N.I. Grammar School averages.

High Achievers

Six young people achieved 9 A* grades – Aaron Clinton, Crawford Fairfield, Michael Gregg, Beth Herbison, Rachael Macaulay, Anisia Tiplea.

38 pupils achieved a minimum of 9 A*/A grades – Ciara Anderson, Rachel Beckett, Rachel Brown, Juliet Cameron, Susanna Crabbe, Aimee Davenport, Timothy Day, Clara Dealey, Anna Doherty, Alissa Forsythe, Ben Fry, Anna Gordon, Chloe Greer, Laura Hamilton, Ruth Hoey, Jonathan Hogg, Jonathan Hunter, Ellie Kyle, Danny Louw, Lydia Manson, Emma Martin, Ellen McAuley, Elizabeth McCartney, Anna McGahey, Alexander McGuckian, Bethan McLaughlin, Olivia McMaster, Adam Morrison, Cameron Muir, James Poston, Amanda Robinson, Kirill Sakharov, Victoria Shaw, Matt Smith, Cara Steele, Jack Turner, Carly Wallace, Tori Warnock.

They were closely followed by a further 23 young people with a minimum of 8 A*/A grades – Michael Allen, Harry Bill, Callum Black, Anna Cameron, Harry Cooke, Oisin Corr, Sophie Dennison, James Dickey, Adam Hanna, Peter Kernohan, Cara Knowles, Grace McBurney, Rachel McCord, Ruth McKane, Sarah McKeown, Alexander McKinney, Sarah McNabney, Hannah Millar, Katie Moorehead, Michael O’Neill, Nicole Pennie, Sarah Reid, Sophie Skelly.

Finally, 7 pupils obtained a minimum of 7 A*/A grades – Sophie Gaston, Peter Hamill, Joseph Kyle, Alice McFetridge, Chloe McGall, Scott McIlroy, Erin Park.

S.W. Black (Principal)