Making the grade at Cambridge House GS

CAMBRIDGE HOUSE Year 12 students had plenty to smile about when they collected their GCSE examination results. 1

Thursday, 1st September 2011, 10:00 am

64 young people had waited in anticipation throughout the summer and many were rewarded for hard work and dedication.

Thirty three subjects were taken with twenty eight subject departments gaining 100% pass rates and the other departments within just 2% of full achievement. Congratulations to subject areas achieving the highest performance at A*-C: Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Home Economics, Child Development, Music and Performing Arts.

Students can study between 7 and 10 GCSE courses and it is very rewarding to see so many young people gaining valuable academic qualifications which will take them into the next stage of their career paths.

The Year 12 students were all allocated Transition Consultation appointments and after collecting their results from staff, supported by Senior Team, CEIAG Transition Team staff and subject staff, each student, accompanied by parents/guardians, availed of a CEIAG consultation. This was to ensure that all students were fully informed of the subject options and the school worked diligently throughout the process to support career aspirations and employment interests. It is always very interesting to see the wide spectrum of careers our young people are aware of and interested in.

As competition for places in Further Education, Higher Education and the world of work continues, Cambridge House Grammar School continually reviews support structures to improve the quality of information available to advisory staff, to students and to families as they make important and critical decisions.

Congratulations go to all students and particular mention must be made of those students who gained the highest accolades: Samantha Gordon 11 A*/A/B grades, Nicole Kell 10 A*/A/B grades, Kathryn Hamilton 10 A*/A/B grades, Catherine McWhirter 10 A*/A/B grades, Amy Smyth 10 A*/A/B grades, Josh McIlroy 10 A*/A/B grades, Joanne Stirling 10 A*/A/B grades, Rebecca Brennan 10 A*/A/B grades, Amy Farquhar 10 A*/A/B grades, Stephanie Hodges 10 A*/A/B grades, Craig Lutton 9 A*/A/B grades, Stephen Rankin 9 A*/A/B grades, Daryll Jones 9 A*/A/B grades, Holly Wasson 9 A*/A/B grades, Daniel McElwee 9 A*/A/B grades, Jessica Mulholland 9 A*/A/B grades, Ben Wylie 9 A*/A/B grades, Matthew McKay 9 A*/A/B grades, Jonathan Simpson 9 A*/A/B grades, Chloe McDonald 9 A*/A/B grades, James Dempster 9 A*/A/B grades, Gemma McClean 8 A*/A/B grades, Carolyn Gilmore 8 A*/A/B grades, Naomi Harkness 8 A*/A/B grades, Lauren Peacock 8 A*/A/B grades, Zoe Paysden 8 A*/A/B grades, Casey Li 8 A*/A/B grades, Dean Wray 8 A*/A/B grades, Staci Quinn 8 A*/A/B grades, Elis Van Der Merwe 8 A*/A/B grades, Lauren McMahon 8 A*/A/B grades, Rachel Dempster 8 A*/A/B grades, Lauren Killough 8 A*/A/B grades, Jonathan McAllister 8 A*/A/B grades.

It is impressive to so see so many young people gaining full range of successes. The majority of our young people commit tremendous time and effort to their academic studies and large numbers also support charity work, community service, extra curricular activities and leadership building initiatives.