School girls take the lead raising funds for Dogs Trust

Ella & Rowan (back row) Clara & Alex (front row) with their Funding Raising box and Doggy Stall.
Ella & Rowan (back row) Clara & Alex (front row) with their Funding Raising box and Doggy Stall.

Four Ballymena school girls have turned their spare time into a valuable fundraising opportunity, raising a fantastic £100 for canine charity The Dogs Trust.

Alex, Clara, Ella and Rowan have spent time over the school holidays creating posters and a Doggy Stall to collect donations from their family, friends and neighbours to help support the valuable work of Dogs Trust in Ballymena.

The idea came from nine year old Alex who decided she’d like to make a donation from her pocket money to the charity.

Alex said: “We’d just come back from our family holiday and I’d some money left over so I decided to donate it to Dogs Trust as I just love dogs so much.”

Ella said: “When Alex told us she was going to do this, we decided we wanted to help as well, and the idea just grew and grew as we started to make a collection box, posters and a stall.” Fellow collectors Rowan and Clara said: “People have been so kind! Our neighbours - especially those out walking their dogs - could see our stall at Alex’s house, and when they saw we were collecting for Dogs Trust they were keen to give some money.

“We thought they’d give 50p or something like that, but people started to donate £5 and even more.”

The girls, all dog owners themselves, have been completely overwhelmed by peoples generosity.

Last Tuesday (August 2), Alex’s mum arranged for the four girls to visit Dogs Trust at their Ballymena premises, to hand over their £100 cheque. The girls were very excited to receive a special welcome and guided tour from Sarah, Assistant Manager at the Teeshan Road Kennels.

They loved seeing the different runs and play areas the dogs have access to, as well as meeting some of the cute four legged friends.

Alex, Clara, Ella & Rowan would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made a contribution to their collection.