St Patrick’s College celebrating ‘excellent’ results at all levels

St Patrick’s College Principal Dr Martin Knox this week congratulated his students on the outstanding success they achieved in their recent GCE and GCSE results, ‘reflecting the strong commitment of pupils, parents and staff to ensuring that all pupils reach their full potential’.

Friday, 13th August 2021, 9:30 am

Overall, St Patrick’s College Sixth Form students have seen great success this year. In total, 29 A or A* grades have been achieved by the College’s Year 14 students, accounting for over 40% of the total grades obtained by these students.

Seventy-seven per cent of the College’s Year 14 students are celebrating at least one A grade in their ‘A’ Level results, with 50% also celebrating at least one A* grade. Further success has been achieved at AS Level, where St Patrick’s students have completed a highly successful first year of their ‘A’ Level courses. Over half of all grades achieved at AS Level were at A*-B grades, an outstanding achievement on the part of both students and teachers.

St Patrick’s College Principal, Dr Martin Knox, congratulated all of his ‘A’ Level students on their outstanding level of achievement. He said: “Eight of our students have achieved at least two A grades out of their ‘A’ Levels, and I am delighted that we have a 100% pass rate across many of our courses to celebrate. A particular word of congratulation must go to our Art, Construction, ICT, Performing Arts, Polish, Religious Studies and PE Departments, which all saw 100% of their students achieve grades at A*-C. All Year 14 Sport students achieved Distinction or Starred Distinction grades. A high percentage of our Art, ICT and Construction students achieved a Starred Distinction (A*) grade.”

St Patrick’s students celebrating their GCSE results (l-r): Jakub Pluta, Maja Matuszkiewicz, John Viado, Lea Kinney, Natalia Miscikova, Aidan McWhinney, Kasper Dziadkowiec, Rhys Wright, Cal O’Brien and James Viado

Congratulating all his GCSE students, Dr Knox said particular congratulations must go to two Year 12 students, Maja Matuszkiewicz and Jakub Pluta, who both achieved an amazing 11 GCSEs at A*-C. A further 21 students have achieved 10 GCSE passes at A*-C, and 19 more students have achieved at least seven GCSE passes, with a significant proportion of their grades being A* or A. He also reported that the Polish Department is celebrating 100% performance at A* or A grades.

There has also been particular success in Drama, Music, Performing Arts, OCN Religious Studies and Physical Education, in all of which 100% of candidates have achieved A to C grades. 96% of History and ICT grades, 90% of Child Development, 88% of Learning for Life & Work and Religious Studies, and 87% of English Literature grades were achieved at A*-C, while other subject areas which have seen A*-C performance of over 80% include Art & Design, and Home Economics.

Dr Knox said: “I want to recognise the achievement of a number of our Polish students, ten of whom have achieved an A* grade in GCSE Polish, a qualification which will be very useful to them should they return to Poland to continue their studies or seek employment. Overall, these results give us great confidence as a school as we continue to ensure that the students leaving St Patrick’s do so with the highest qualifications they can possibly achieve.”

“Like last year, this has been a very demanding year for all of us in education, and these results are the culmination of a great deal of hard work on the parts of both students and teachers. I congratulate all of the students, as well as their teachers, who have worked hard to accurately reflect the ability, effort and success of the students. I would also like to thank the parents of the young people, for the

St Patrick’s Principal Dr Knox with (l-r) Bronagh McAuley, Shane Kearney, Emily Hughes and Daria Barbu

encouragement and support they have provided to their children during the two years of their examinations, and particularly during the difficult circumstances of 2021, as our young people coped with the uncertainty of a further lockdown period and then readjusted to being back in school.”

Dr Knox with Year 13 students (l-r) Kiara Hutchinson, Jack Hamill, Calum Morrison, Jude Casey and Joshua Blair
Dr Knox with Caragh Hamill, who has achieved four A grades at AS level
Some of the St Patrick’s students who have achieved at least ten GCSE grades at A*-C (l-r): Jakub Pluta, Maja Matuszkiewicz, Mykolas Brazauskas, Megan Anderton, Hannah O’Kane, Dominika Nowak, Ruairi Diamond, Clodagh McIlwee, Kacper Krolik, Naomi Gordon, Aidan McWhinney, Eoin Mitchell, Corey Mitchell, John Viado, Kacper Dziadkowiec, James Viado and Finn Roger
Jakub Pluta and Maja Matuszkiewicz, who have both achieved eleven GCSE grades at A*-C
St Patrick's College Principal Dr Knox Jakub Bojanowski and Shane Kearney who have both achieved three A Levels at A*/A grades