Defib role for phone boxes - Councillor

Mid & East Antrim Alliance Councillor, Alderman Noel Williams, has suggested to stakeholders such as Mid & East Antrim Council, the NHS and BT, that defibrillators could be housed in redundant red telephone boxes.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 10:22 am

Alderman Williams said: “As a former soccer referee in England and abroad I witnessed many incidents and accidents on the field of play. I was fortunate enough not to have dealt with such a distressing situation that befell Christian Eriksen, when playing for Denmark in the Euro’s recently, when he suffered a cardiac arrest. Of course such a trauma could happen to any of us and the handiness of a Defibrillator could well save our life, as it did with Christian.

“It has occurred to me that the plethora of redundant telephone boxes could be used for just that purpose, which is why I am contacting various stakeholders to explore the possibility.”

Alderman Williams believes old and vacant Red Phone Boxes could be used to facilitate Defibrillator