26 Ballymena homes view TV in B&W

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Colour television may have recently turned 50 – but 26 viewers in Ballymena still view the world on screen in black and white according to TV Licensing.

Its 50 years since the first colour transmission on the BBC, however, new figures from TV Licensing reveal more than 8,000 homes across the UK still enjoy programmes in black and white.

The recently published TV Licensing B&W Index, shows large urban areas hold the majority of black and white TV Licences, with 600 people in Northern Ireland watching in black and white and 26 viewers in Ballymena. Almost 70 postcodes dropped out of the Index in the past 18 months, including Augher and Donaghadee, as entire suburbs convert to full-colour viewing.

Karen Grimason, TV Licensing spokesperson, said: “It is striking that in an era of HD TV and spectacular true-to-life pictures, there are still more than 8,000 viewers, including 26 in Ballymena, content to watch spectacular programmes like The Night Manager and Planet Earth in monochrome. Whether you watch in black and white on a 50-year-old TV set or in colour on a tablet, you need to be covered by a TV Licence to watch or record programmes as they are broadcast.”

TV Licensing also recently revealed that half of all TV Licensing evaders are caught in the early morning, evening and at weekends. TV Licensing Enquiry Officers focus their efforts on unlicensed addresses when occupants are most likely to be at home. A total of 952 evaders were caught in Northern Ireland without a licence in June including 41 evaders in Ballymena with 90% of those being caught outside typical working hours.