Ahoghill ‘In Bloom’ extends street collection thanks

editorial image
editorial image

The Ahoghill in Bloom team recently held a street collection in the village in support of this year’s ‘in bloom’ programme. The magnificent amount of £2,650 was raised and the proceeds will go towards the cost of flowers for this year’s planting season.

A spokesperson stated that the volunteers are busy at present ensuring that the village is looking its very best for the 2017 Ulster in Bloom programme.

He stated: “An enormous amount of effort has gone into planting out the various beds and planters. There are over 250 hanging baskets and mangers which are now blooming with colour and the next few weeks will be busy with watering, weeding and maintenance.

“This is the 10th year of the Ahoghill in Bloom initiative and the village has had considerable success in both Ulster in Bloom and Britain in Bloom, culminating in the award of Champion of Champions in the 2016 Britain in Bloom competition. Although Ahoghill is required to ‘sit out’ for a year in Britain in Bloom, the volunteers are as busy as ever ensuring that the village is looking even better than ever and well worth a visit.”