Alzheimer’s Society offers training for informal caregivers


People who support or care for a person living with dementia are being offered the chance to learn more about the condition and how it affects the person who has it.

This will take place at two different locations in the Ballymena area later this month - on Thursday, April 27, between 2-4pm at Broughshane House and on Friday, April 28, between 2-4pm at Ballymena North Centre as part of a six week course.

The training aims to help people understand more about the condition and its symptoms, including the sort of behaviours that people may display which can at times be challenging. By understanding more about dementia the training helps people to cope better with supporting the individual.

The training also provides an opportunity for those supporting a person with dementia to talk openly in a friendly and confidential environment, about their experiences and the impact it is having on them.

Support and advice will be given on the topics: What is dementia; Legal and financial matters; Learning to manage stress and coping techniques; communication skills; health, self-care and well-being; Local services available.

Alzheimer’s Society trainer, Sarah McLaughlin, said: “Relatives of people with dementia often say that it can be really frustrating when someone doesn’t want to change their clothes, have a shower or sleep at night, especially if the person doesn’t accept that there is anything wrong with them.

“Understanding how the person is trying to make sense of the world and how they feel about the losses they are experiencing, can help relatives to be more patient and cope better. This, in turn, helps the person with dementia to be more content.

“The training will also help people to better understand the changes that occur as dementia progresses and there will be the opportunity for carers to discuss the difficulties they face and what tactics work for them.”

Sarah added: “Our course in Cullybackey in March was attended by over 20 people which shows how many people in the local area need help and guidance.”

One woman who attended the course said: “. The course has taken away a lot of the fear of the unknown and I know I can refer to all the leaflets and notes when I am dealing with difficult behaviour as it happens. The trainer’s good solid advice and meeting other carer’s has been completely invaluable”.

For more information and to book a place on the next programme contact Sarah McLaughlin on 07860258728 Or, you can contact 028 9038 7480 or e-mail