Ballymena resident publishes first novel

'The Wrath' author, Ballymena resident, Edward Tutton.
'The Wrath' author, Ballymena resident, Edward Tutton.

A Ballymena resident has turned published author with a fantasy novel which tells a compelling tale of good versus evil, with a twist.

Edward Tutton, who lives locally with his wife and young son, has been employed in the security industry for the past 22 years and currently works as a security officer in the Jobs and Benefits Office.

A native of Bournemouth in Southern England, the 42-year-old has been writing in his spare time for several years and has a number of works ongoing.

‘The Wrath’, written under his pen name of Edward T. Morley and available to buy on Kindle, is his first completed novel and Edward says he is “optimistic” about its future.

He said: “The novel’s plot unfolds in Northern Ireland, around towns and cities that I have had association with and am familiar with, and soon introduces the reader to the Book of Life and the subsequent terrifying but compelling manifestation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the main character Stu’s arduous role in defeating each one of them in turn.

“It is the ‘old, old tale’ of good against evil - but here told with a twist - and this also applies among the book’s main human characters.

“Although it is a fantasy novel, it incorporates certain factual elements, which I think helps readers to associate with it and the style gives it a sense of pseudo realism.

“Throughout there is a link to the USA via the FBI and an undercurrent of crime investigation.”

‘The Wrath’ tells the tale of historical researcher Stu J. Hessric who lives in Northern Ireland with his wife Jennifer and young son Mark. A synopsis reveals: ‘Stu returns from his honeymoon to a whirlwind of paranormal events that turn his life upside down and lead him on a mission only he can complete. A parcel awaits him on his return, sent from Egypt by an old colleague Jim. Stu promptly rushes to his office to check it out. It is a strange sort of book, ancient and carrying an array of carved cryptic messages. Stu does not yet know that its hidden messages are for him personally and have the power to affect all mankind. The book has seven intact seals and is eventually identified as the Book of Life from the Book of Revelations in the Bible...’

Edward said: “I am optimistic about ‘The Wrath’s’ future; I wrote it with a strong storyline and left it, not intentionally, open-ended, so it has the potential for future follow-ups, which I would relish writing.”