Bill Clinton Hercules at Old Courthouse

Bill Clinton Hercules comes to the Old Courthouse. (Submitted pic)
Bill Clinton Hercules comes to the Old Courthouse. (Submitted pic)

Old Courthouse favourite, Guy Masterson, brings Bill Clinton Hercules to the Old Courthouse on Thursday, April 9 at 7.30pm.

In a conversation with his roommate, Guy told the American actor Bob Paisley that he was just perfect to play former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

All they needed was a play. Enter Rachel Mariner, lawyer turned playwright, who, while meeting Masterson about a courtroom drama, let slip that she’d been on Bill Clinton’s legal team during the Paula Jones litigation.

What resulted was Bill Clinton Hercules.

Come along to the Old Courthouse and meet the 42nd President as he cuts loose and shoots straight from the hip in his own fantasy TED talk!

From the Trojan Wars to the future of democracy, his dreams, regrets, hopes and passions will all be heard that night.

Tickets are £14/ £12 concession. To book, call the box office on telephone: 028 9448 1338.