Display time for Connor Boys Brigaders

First Connor BB Junior Section
First Connor BB Junior Section

The First Connor Company of the Boys’ Brigade has held its 73rd Annual Display in Connor Presbyterian Church halls.

The evening, which was very well supported, with over 120 family members, relatives and friends in attendance, was chaired by the Company’s chaplain, Rev. Philip Thompson.

Connor BB Anchor Boys. (submitted picture)

Connor BB Anchor Boys. (submitted picture)

Following the ‘Fall In’ of Company and Colours and opening praise, the boys presented a varied programme of drill, games and songs.

Among the highlights were the Anchor Boys’ choruses and the enactment of the worship song ‘Oceans’ under UV

lights by the Company Section (pictured).

In his remarks, Rev. Thompson commended the boys for their efforts throughout the Display and briefly addressed the boys on Hebrews 6.

The Company Section of First Connor Company of the Boys' Brigade.

The Company Section of First Connor Company of the Boys' Brigade.

The boys were presented with their annual awards by Mrs. Thompson.

The prize winners were :


Wilson Cup for Scripture Knowledge: Zach Miles, Joseph Maybin

BB Week: 1st : Philip McBurney; 2nd : Tom Allen

Best Team: Cayden Gubitosi, Zac McCormick, Philip McBurney, Ethan Donnelly, Josh McCrubb, Levi Kernohan, William Warwick, Ollie McCrubb, Edward Wilson

Best Newcomers: Gary McDonald, Charlie Kelso

Best Second-Year Boys: Josh McCrubb, Jacob Murdoch

Best Third-Year Boys: Tommy Hill, Philip McBurney

Montgomery Shield for Best All-Round Boy, Sam Torrington


BB Week: 1st : Alfie Beckett; 2nd : Seth Stewart; 3rd : Adam Craig

Edenvale Progress Shield: William Clack

Eccles Cup for Achievements: Eli Burnside

Anna Millar Memorial Cup for Scripture: 1st : Daniel Thompson, Alfie Beckett; 2nd : Ryan Sloan; 3rd: Tristan Munnis, Adam Craig

Nesbitt Perpetual Shield for Best First-Year Boy: Finn Gribben

Best Squad: Alfie Beckett, Eli Burnside, Seth Stewart, Nathaniel Abwa, Samuel Neill, Adam Craig, Riley Martin

Mawhinney Cup for Best All-Round Boy: Alfie Beckett


McCullough Shield for Best Recruit: Matthew McBride

Junior Sportsman: Sam Preston

Andy Wilson Perpetual Cup for Junior Drill: Aaron Thompson

McClintock Boy for Best Junior Boy: Aaron Thompson

John McVicker Cup for Annual Road Race: 1st : Killian McCrudden; 2nd : Matthew McBride; 3rd, Adam Smith

Senior Sportsman: Killian McCrudden

Glover Cup for Senior Drill: Adam Thompson

Francey Cup for Scripture Knowledge: 1st: Thomas Thompson; 2nd : Jason Clack

Squad Cup: Jason Clack, Dominic Gubitosi, Sam Preston

Barr Cup for Best All-Round Boy: Adam Thompson.