Drove at 114mph because he believed he was being ‘followed’

Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC
Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC

A man who drove at 114mph told police that he thought he was being followed, a local court has heard.

Richard Johnston (29), of Ballyblack Road East, Newtownards had been actually followed by police monitoring his speed as he made his way to the International Airport on June 22.

The court heard that Johnston sped up to 114mph on a road which had a fixed speed limit of sixty miles per hour.

A defending solicitor told Antrim Magistrates Court that Johnston saw the headlights in his rear view mirror and thought he was being followed but didn’t think it was police.

Defence said: “He sped up to get away from the car, the car was following him but did not identify themselves with sirens. His decision to go at that speed was utterly ridiculous.”

Deputy District Judge Sean O’Hare banned Johnston from driving for two months and fined him £350 for the offence.