Fourtowns P7s get starring role in Council’s environmental video

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Primary Seven pupils of a local primary school which has been going ‘green’ have become the the ‘stars’ of an environmental video.

The completed footage when edited will help spread the word across the whole borough with the P7 class at Fourtowns Primary School, Ahoghill, proving to be both an attentive audience and a worthy ‘cast’ for the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council-sponsored video.

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Deputy Mayor, Ald William McNeilly, who attended, said the presentation which was undertaken by assistant Council warden Gary Gordon “examined the negative impact littering has on the local environment and the need to clean up after pets, especially given issues around toxicity, as well as highlighting Councils recycling initiatives.”

Environmental Health Officer, Kevin Woodin, said: “Fourtowns Primary School requested this educational presentation on litter and dog fouling which we were pleased to provide. It links into the ongoing schools’ Environmental Impact Topic and fits in with the work of the Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful Campaign which is part of work carried out across the whole of the Province. This video presentation will become a DVD package that will be shared around the majority of primary schools in the Borough, creating interest in the topic and allowing the youngsters to not only think about the issues concerned themselves, but also - hopefully – to influence their parents and siblings in exercising more care in regard to waste overall.”

Fourtown’s Deputy Principal Neil Bevington said: “We were very pleased to be asked to participate in this excellent project, which will not only influence our own pupils’ attitudes to waste as individuals, but also through the DVD, many others in their age group across Mid & East Antrim.”