Get ‘Stitched Up’ as new play comes to town

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After a very successful first run at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast, c21 Theatre Company is taking the hugely popular ‘Stitched Up’ production on tour throughout Northern Ireland later this month.

The show hits the road on a Northern Irish tour from Wednesday, February 25 until March 14, with a tour production to take place in Ballymena on Tuesday, March 3.

‘Stitched Up’ features Aidan, a surgeon in the NHS, who is reaching melting point in his career.

His wife, Kate, a high profile peace-facilitator is meanwhile preoccupied with her campaign to remove the peace walls in Belfast.

Their passionate relationship is tested by the differences developing between their careers.

The production also features the complexities of the Northern Ireland landscape, not to mention the arrival of Ruari, who forces Aidan to make a life or death decision.

Ballymena man Stephen Kelly has taken on the major directorial role with ‘Stitched Up’ and is co-founder of the c21 Theatre Company.

Stephen directed the award-winning production ‘Choices’ in 2014 for c21 Theatre Company that looked at the subject of underage binge drinking.

The production won an Arts and Business NI award at the 2015 awards ceremony.

“The sold-out opening night at the Lyric Theatre was a huge success,” Stephen said.

He added: “It would seem that we really struck a chord with people, much more than we could have imagined.

“I think that many people have had their own personal experiences of the NHS, whether it is negative or positive experiences, and that has drawn them to the show.

“Of course it was Rosemary Jenkinson’s personal experience with the NHS that inspired the show, so to be able to portray that in this satirical comedic production has had a few people in stitches to say the least.

“What is happening in the NHS is quite serious, but I don’t want to be deceptive as this is an entertaining show.

“It is a satirical and smart production where we poke fun at some of the serious aspects of the NHS, but it also highlights relationships and the complexity of the Northern Irish landscape. This will provide you with a hearty laugh. It is an enthralling show.”

‘Stitched Up’ touches heavily upon the interplay between lead characters and their relationships.

Writer Rosemary Jenkinson explains: “A power struggle is almost developing between the two lead characters as they reach such different points in their careers.

“I wanted to fully examine and explore the stress that our surgeon, Aidan, experiences in his role and how this affects him and his relationship with his wife.

“This is a show not to be missed so we are encouraging everyone to come along.

“Since we are doing a tour across Northern Ireland, there are no excuses not to see one of the most talked about shows, as we will be in a theatre near you.”

‘Stitched Up’ will be in the Michelin Club, Ballymena on Tuesday, March 3.

For more information and to buy tickets please telephone 028 2566 3655.