Help stamp out pavement parking - Swann

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North Antrim UUP MLA Robin Swann has urged constituents to help stamp out “the plague of pavement parking” by supporting the ‘day of action’ on Friday, October 12, as part of Guide Dogs Week.

Mr Swann said Guide Dogs NI, in partnership with the PSNI and the Cedar Foundation, is re-launching the Pavement Parking campaign and he wants the community to throw its full weight behind “this very worthy campaign”.

He said: “Pavement parking is an increasing problem in our local communities. Where cars are parked on pavements, pedestrians risk their lives by walking into the road just to get from A to B.

“So as part of this campaign, I am asking motorists to show consideration for other road users by making sure they park in a manner which leaves enough room for pedestrians to pass, particularly the elderly, pram and wheelchair users and those with sight loss. While it is difficult to assess the ‘culture change’ we are seeking to achieve, Guide Dogs NI says initial statistics from the PSNI are promising. The next phase of the campaign will be a concerted ‘day of action’ on Friday, October 12.

“I sincerely hope this special awareness day will make people think where they park. We do not want our streets to become a danger zone for pedestrians, especially those with guide dogs, so I ask the community to back the day of action,” said Assemblyman Swann.