Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

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Check your insurance to make sure you are covered this Christmas.

Hugh Black, Age NI Commercial Director said: “Christmas is a time when our homes will be full of gifts, decorations and holiday supplies. Unfortunately accidents can happen so now is a good time to check that your home insurance policy covers you fully.

“Some insurers will go a little further during the festive period so it is also worth checking that there is provision for any increase in household valuables during the Christmas period.”

Age NI has the following top tips to protect your home over the festive season:

·Read the terms and conditions of your Home Insurance policy thoroughly

·Keep Christmas gifts out of sight when leaving the house

·Check your decorative lights, particularly if you’ve had them a few years, for loose, frayed or bare wires, broken bulbs and cracked plugs

·Make sure that Christmas lights are turned off when you leave the house

·Don’t overload plug sockets and make sure to switch off electrical items when not in use

·If travelling away from home, inform a trusted neighbour or family member and provide them with a contact telephone number

·Keep your claims helpline telephone number easily to hand in case you need to make a claim or require assistance in an emergency.

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