Lisnamurrican Band seeking new members

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Lisnamurrican Band is on the look-out for drummers and flautists to join their ranks.

Founded in 1921, Lisnamurrican is a marching band from just outside Broughshane.

A spokesperson said: “Lisnamurrican lodge, with which we have always been associated, was founded in 1916 and is believed to have grown out of the Home Rule crisis and the first World War and may also have been a reaction to the fears arising from the Easter rising. However, another influence making itself felt in the early part of the 20th century was the Temperance movement which may be reflected in the fact that our full title is Lisanmurrican Temperance Flute Band and this has always been part of our ethos. Many of us have grown up to participate in what is in some ways a family tradition for us but on a wider scale part of our culture and heritage.

“In common with many of our marching bands we need to recruit members and would appeal to both novices and those with experience to join us as we need drummers and fluters.

“We offer music tuition, exercise in the fresh air while on parade and a pastime which can be enjoyed as a family and invite you to come to practice on Tuesday nights at 8pm. We hope to see current members, past members and new folks who will become our future members.

“In today’s society there are many concerns but we offer a safe environment for your young people and responsible leadership where it is our aim to see them learn and blossom as they gain confidence demonstrating the discipline necessary to master an instrument and take their place in the ranks becoming a part of the band.”

Anyone who would like further information can telephone 07516492251 after 6.30pm or alternatively send a text message.