In My StyleWithGemma Garrett

The gorgeous Gemma Garret is a former Miss Great Britain, TV personality and owner of her own company which offers organic cruelty-free lifestyle products from around the world.

Saturday, 1st February 2020, 11:30 am
Updated Friday, 6th March 2020, 11:59 am

The Ulster beauty queen frequently adds glamour to numerous glitzy events so let’s find out some of her style secerets.

Describe your personal style

My style has changed so much over the years. Now I would say, classy, comfortable and simple.

Where do you find style inspiration?

I like to follow people who have my shape. There is no point in me trying to dress like someone very tall and slim. Instagram is a great place for style tips. I follow hashtags like #curvyfashion and #hourglass.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?

Well, it was just generic advice that I adapted to fashion. You can’t put a round peg in a square hole. Dress for your shape.

What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

My mum hates it but it’s the casual look. Trainers with everything! Long coats and sweats. I’m so happy it’s in trend because it’s so comfy. Mum jeans are another guilty pleasure of mine. My mum always says, “The 80s called Gemma, they want their jeans back.”

What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe?

A Burberry coat. I love it. I hope to wear it in New York next month.

And the most recent?

A light polo neck bodysuit from H&M in beige. It’s lovely. I wore it yesterday with black ‘mum’ jeans. I love things that button underneath as I have a long body.

Do you keep things in your wardrobe that you haven’t ever worn?

I do for a while but then I give them away to a more loving home. I impulse buy a lot and my niece loves it.

What was your worst fashion mistake?

Oh dear, so many. I think metallic silver platforms with a clear heel. They also give me blisters. They were wrong on every level. There was also a see-through dress I wore in 2009, which was one of my bad fashion ideas.

Is there a current trend you like?

I tend not to follow trends because that’s how you get caught out wearing something that does not suit you. Oversized jumpers are cool but I have to careful as I have big boobs and it can look frumpy if I’m not careful.

What is your favourite rule-breaking colour combination?

Pink and red. I wore a red Vivienne Westwood skirt with a pink top and it worked so well. Everyone loved it and now I don’t believe in rule breaking colour combinations.

What shoes do you wear most often?

Trainers or Christian Louboutins - there is no in between.

Are your looks well planned or do they come with less thought?

Never planned, ever. I iron on demand, which means nothing is planned in advance.

What are your favourite local shops?

Blush on the Lisburn Road in Belfast and Beautique 21 in Caryduff.