NIEA announces further chance to access youth funding

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The Education Authority (EA) has confirmed that there will be a further opportunity to apply for youth funding following a number of unsuccessful applications to the Extended Provision Youth Scheme.

EA Chief Executive, Gavin Boyd said the scheme seeks to increase access to youth clubs and services for young people

in areas of disadvantage on or near interfaces.

It is additional funding to support late night and weekend opening and is targeted at identified providers in areas ranked in the top 25% of multiple deprivation. Funding is subject to an applicationprocess each year.

He said: “EA does not yet have a budget for 2017/18. However, we received a cash allocation from DE in March 2017 which allows us to spend up until July 31, 2017. On that basis, we made funding available for the Extended Youth Provision Scheme. There has been no reduction in funding for this period.

“A multi-agency panel recently assessed applications from 65 youth providers against the set criteria. 13 were not approved as they did not meet the criteria, or did not demonstrate that they could meet the objectives of the scheme.

“We are very aware of the needs of young people in the communities to which this scheme is directed. As some of the funding has not been allocated, we will now open the process up to a second round of applications.

“Further details will be provided to those providers whose applications were unsuccessful. EA recognises the valuable work of youth organisations and the positive impact they have in their local communities. We will continue to work with all youth providers to ensure that vital services can be maintained,” Mr Boyd said.