Ahoghill YFC annual club stock judging competition

Ahoghill Young Farmers have held their clubs annual stock judging competition during which members had to judge all three Beef, Sheep and Dairy.

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 7:25 am

Seniors ranked all four animals in each of the categories and then presented their reasoning to the judge and also marked the assessment animal.

Junior members tackled the same task, although instead of giving reasoning for the order they placed the animals in, they had to give an in-depth description to the judge of the assessment animal and state their reasoning for the marks they gave.

The club would like to thank the three judges Ian Small, Sam Watson and Willie Chesney for helping us with our annual competition and David

Members of Ahoghill YFC taking part in the club's stock judging competition

Gillespie for hosting the event.


Dairy Junior: 1st Sarah Chesney; 2nd Andrew Chesney

Dairy Senior: 1st -Lucy Benton; 2nd -Rachel Rea; 3rd -Michelle Petticrew

Sheep Junior: 1st -Andrew Chesney; 2nd -Sarah Chesney

Sheep Senior: 1st -Jonathan Bristow; 2nd -Rachel Rea; 3rd -Michelle Petticrew

Beef Junior: 1st -Sarah Chesney; 2nd -Andrew Chesney

Beef Senior: 1st -Stephen Speers; 2nd -Mark Kerr; 3rd -joint Jonathan Bristow, Rachel Rea and Lydia Gillespie

The Club will be holding their annual Tractor Handing competition in the next couple of weeks which will give our members another opportunity to meet up and compete.