Dalfest performance ‘signals’ the arrival of new local charity

The recent Dalriada Festival, also known as Dalfest, in the grounds of Glenarm Castle, featured 20 aspiring young performers who wowed audiences with an eclectic mix of music including Rock, Pop and Hip Hop.

Thursday, 5th August 2021, 8:33 am

These promising young acts heralded the arrival of new local charity, The SIGNAL Foundation.

Despite only beginning its journey, the charity is already making a lot of noise, literally.

The foundation, which stands for Supporting Individuals & Groups Nationally And Locally, focuses on usic and the arts by encouraging aspiring young artists, musicians and performers, to engage in musical and creative activities.It also seeks to equip them with the life skills that will help them to develop not only as creatives, but as individuals.

The SIGNAL Foundation team on stage at Dalfest

The Foundation, which launched with its first successful programme in late 2019, was stopped it in its tracks by Covid-19. Unable to run physical events, the SIGNAL Foundation restructured, staying in contact with their participants through virtual events and workshops.

Visit the S.I.G.N.A.L Foundation Facebook page for more information and details on upcoming events like, ‘The Performers’ Pathway’, commencing later this year in participating schools across Northern Ireland, including schools in Ballymena.

The Performers’s Pathway’ will offer six to eight weeks of workshops for the creatively minded on such topics as Resilience, stage performance, vocal coaching, nutrition, mindfulness, embodiment and much more.