Shane Owens makes Tullyglass debut

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It’s all happening for Shane Owens right now - the talented singer can scarcely believe the fervour and interest that both he and his new band have created since taking to the road at the beginning of last month.

And that excitement is certain to be replicated when he makes his first appearance with his new band at the Tullyglass House Hotel, Ballymena on Saturday night.

Not only will Shane be singing his big hit ‘Walking on the Waves’ but he will also be treating patrons to his huge repertoire of country material as well as a flavouring of 60’s and standards numbers.

And while he is certainly creating a stir even at this early stage of his singing career, Shane himself is keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground.

“Although I am delighted with the initial reaction, I know I have an awful long way to go. I am fortunate in that I have very good musicians in my band all of whom are firmly behind me so I don’t think there is any danger that we will lose the run of ourselves,” Shane said.

With his programme specially tailored for the country dancing scene and backed up by a spectacular stage production, Shane certainly looks capable of carving out a significant niche for himself in the entertainment arena.

Certainly his appearance in the Tullyglass House Hotel on Saturday might well be a landmark in his career and could well prove a stepping stone to him becoming a household name in the province.

“But let’s just take one step at a time,” he added.

Doors will open at the Tullyglass Hotel at 9pm and a selection of country hits will be played by popular DJ Morris before Shane and his band take to the stage.

Admission is just £12 which is payable at the door.