Shih Tzu shows its top dog in pooch poll

Shih Tzus have proven to be the top dog.
Shih Tzus have proven to be the top dog.

Brits have always been a nation of dog lovers and this year it’s Shih Tzus and Labradors topping the Pooch Polls.

Having analysed seven years of insurance policy data, Asda Money uncovers the UK’s favourite dog breeds and how they have changed over the years. While it seems Labradors are the nation’s long-time love with these fluffy friends topping the leader boards for 2009, 2012 and 2013, it’s the Shih Tzu who is winning the popularity contest so far this year with more pet insurance policies taken out for this small pooch in 2015 than any other breed.

According to the study by Asda Money, Cocker Spaniels trotted their way to the top in 2010 and the Jack Russell had a two year stint in the limelight from 2012 to 2013. And it would seem the nation’s love of tiny canines continues to grow thanks to hit reality TV shows like The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea where handbag pups often grace the screen.

In fact, for the first time this year, the cockapoo has made it into the top ten too.

West Highland White Terriers (although they don’t ever hit number one), Yorkshire Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and Staffordshire Terriers have remained in the top ten, revealing the nation’s love for British dog breeds. However it seems that we have lost our love for German Shepherds as they have fallen off the rankings since 2009.

Looking at the UK in 2014 and those people most likely to put an insurance policy in place for their beloved dog, it would seem that those living in Newcastle upon Tyne are the most conscientious when it comes to looking after their pets, as they took out at least 15% more policies than the rest of the country. This was closely followed by those in Glasgow and it seems that dog owners in Lerwick in The Shetland Islands are the least likely to have a policy in place if the worst were to happen.

Michael Turner, Head of Insurance, Asda Money said: “We are renowned for being a nation of dog lovers and it doesn’t bear thinking about something happening to these key members of our families.

“We all want our pets to run free and enjoy themselves, but sometimes these adventures can result in injury for the animal and an unexpected bill for their owners.

“We know budgets are tight and taking out pet insurance could be seen as a stretch too far for many wallets but we want dog owners to able to feel at ease when it comes to protecting man’s best friend.”

Top dogs 2015

1 Shih Tzu

2 Labrador Retriever

3 Cocker Spaniel

4 Yorkshire Terrier

5 Border Collie

6 A Small Mongrel

7 Jack Russell Terrier

8 West Highland White Terrier

9 Miniature Schnauzers

10 Cockerpoo