Travelling classroom makes a splash among primary pupils

NI Water's Water Bus visited Carrickfergus Central Primary School.
NI Water's Water Bus visited Carrickfergus Central Primary School.

NI Water’s Travelling Classroom made a splash when it arrived at Carrickfergus Central Primary School.

During the visit, the children were introduced to H20, a water drop figure and mascot for the programme to help them learn about water and to understand the importance of water conservation.

The children also learnt what can and can’t be put down the toilet through a ‘bag it and bin it’ activity, what NI Water does to clean the water and how sewage is treated.

With winter now upon us, the pupils also learned about NI Water’s ‘Don’t Wait Insulate’ campaign and the need to ensure that all water pipes are safely protected in case of severe winter weather.

NI Water’s Environmental Education Officer, Pat McCauley, said: “Northern Ireland Water places great importance on educating young people in the vital role water plays in our lives.

“The Waterbus is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about the water cycle, why water is essential for good health and how they can help to conserve this precious resource.

“The Waterbus is very popular with schools and is already booked up right through until June 2017! We are delighted with the reputation it has come to enjoy as this goes to prove that the work we do on the bus is of value to today’s pupils and our future generation of water users.”

The programme is aimed at Key Stage 2 and designed to complement a key element of the Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum - the ‘World Around Us’.

A teachers’ learning pack, with further classroom activities is available to download from More details on NI Water’s ‘Don’t Wait Insulate’ campaign can be found at: