40 jobs at risk following news of Fujitsu Antrim closure

TUV South Antrim rep Richard Cairns has voiced concerns following the news that 40 jobs are under threat at Fujitsu in Antrim.
TUV South Antrim rep Richard Cairns has voiced concerns following the news that 40 jobs are under threat at Fujitsu in Antrim.

Forty jobs are under threat at Fujitsu’s Antrim centre following a decision by the company to close the local operation.

The company said that following a “strategic review” of its property and service portfolio in Northern Ireland the decision has been made to close its Network and Telecoms maintenance and repair centre in Antrim.

This decision will see the work currently undertaken at this location transfer to the company’s other offices in Belfast and the Network and Telecoms headquarters in Solihull.

A spokesperson said: “As a result of this decision, regrettably 40 employees at our Antrim facility have been put on notice that their jobs are at risk of redundancy, triggering a formal consultation period with all affected employees and their representatives.

“With the movement of this work to other company locations and a range of separate vacancies elsewhere in the organisation locally, Fujitsu will be making every effort to minimise the number of redundancies as a result of this decision.

“The various relocation and redeployment opportunities will be discussed with all affected employees over the coming days and weeks.

“Fujitsu has operated successfully in Northern Ireland for over 40 years and its core services and expertise remain of paramount importance to the wider Fujitsu Group.

“The operations in Northern Ireland will continue to play a key role in servicing the higher value needs of our customers across the Europe, Middle East, India & Africa (EMEIA) region and also in meeting the needs of a strong NI customer base.

“This continued commitment to Northern Ireland also includes exploring how we can utilise our local expertise to successfully build on our recent global investments in R&D.”

Richard Cairns, TUV representative for South Antrim, said he was “disappointed” for the local employees following the company’s decision.

“My thoughts will be with the employees and their families over the coming months as they consider their options for the future,” Mr Cairns said.

He added: “Fujitsu are a multi national company, and their commitment to Antrim over the years has been most valued. Therefore, it is most surprising that they have taken this decision so suddenly.

“I would ask that they must now focus on the welfare and future employability of the Antrim workforce - ensuring the redundancy packages are fitting and that they are prepared to re-enter the job market.”