50 firefighters tackling gorse fire outside Cullybackey


Fifty firefighters are continuing to tackle a gorse fire between Cullybackey and Rasharkin.

Fire crews have been tackling the fire on the Drumack Road area since Thursday morning.

A spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service said: “Fifty firefighters are continuing to tackle the gorse fire in the Drumack Road area of Rasharkin. We are working alongside partner organisations to extinguish the fire.

“Smoke is still impacting roads and motorists are advised to avoid the area – especially Craigs Road.

“Residents in the locality are advised to keep their doors and windows closed.

“This has been a challenging fire due to the direction and strength of the wind and the materials involved - heavy gorse and peat.

“If required, crews will remain at the scene overnight.”

Meanwhile, local councillor Timothy Gaston voiced concerns following a fire in Clough.

“It has been brought to my attention by concerned residents in Coronation Crescent in Clough, that during the extreme heat discarded rubbish has set a bush on fire. This resulted in the Fire Service having to attend the area,” Cllr. Gaston said.

He added: “Not only is discarded rubbish unsightly, but items such as glass or foil could refract sunlight and cause material to catch fire. It is important that rubbish is disposed of properly.

“While on this occasion it was a bush that caught fire, and was discovered quickly by fast acting residents, it could just as easily not been immediately discovered and spread. Potentially, this could cause a danger to life and property.

“Please be respectful and pick up your rubbish.”