A-26 back in the safety spotlight

The notorious junction at Woodgreen on the A26 Pic Pacemaker
The notorious junction at Woodgreen on the A26 Pic Pacemaker

The ‘ever increasing’ safety issues surrounding the stretch of dual carriageway between Ballymena and Antrim have been highlighted once again.

This time, North Antrim DUP Assemblyman, Paul Frew has brought the dangers to the attention of Department of Regional Development Minster, Michelle McIlveen.

He said: “We met to discuss the ever increasing risk to drivers and pedestrians on the A26 between Ballymena and Antrim and, as a result, the Minister realises the seriousness of the situation and the loss of life on this part of the road over the years. Many of my constituents from Ballymena, Ballymoney and Ballycastle have to commute every day on this road.”

Mr. Frew named the notorious Woodgreen Junction as one blackspot for serious accidents.

“Having grown up close I know only too well the risk as people have to travel through and onto this part of road,” he said.

Mr. Frew noted that the Minister’s officials met with PSNI on site in October of this year and, as a result, a number of site specific traffic management measures are currently being considered for the location. Further detailed traffic surveys have been conducted over the last number of weeks to ascertain turning movements , volumes and classification .

The MLA added: “I cannot stress enough the urgency to put in place safety measures on this road. I would appeal to all commuters to drive safely and cautiously on this road at all times.”