Action urged on speeders in Kells & Connor

Liminary Road (Streetview)
Liminary Road (Streetview)

Findings of traffic speed surveys in Kells & Connor have been described as “highly alarming” by local UUP Assemblyman, Robin Swann.

Mr Swann told The Ballymena Times that one recent survey in the’ twin villages’ had found that over 3,000 vehicles were travelling at 15mph above the speed limit past the gates of the primary school on a 30mph section of the Liminary Road.

The Asssemblyman has now called on the Stormont Transport Minister “to implement urgent action” to combat speeders in Kells and Connor villages “before it becomes a dangerous accident blackspot”.

He said: “I am raising these very serious concerns about speeding throughout the villages of Kells and Connor because I do not want these villages to gain the unwanted reputation of becoming notorious accident blackspots.

“The survey responses from TransportNI make highly alarming reading about speeds through the villages so I have asked the Transport Minister to take action now that she has the evidence from her own Department reinforcing what the local residents have long been aware of.”

Mr Swann added: “Following a recent alarming survey on the Ferniskey Road, I have received reports from other sites and roads throughout the villages, but the most alarming, and one I have asked for urgent action on, is the section of the Liminary Road at the Primary School.

“This report recorded an average speed of just under 45 mph, for an average of 3,092 vehicles,” he said.

“As a parent of a child at the school, I find it hard to believe, that despite all the warning signs and flashing school signs, the average speed close to the school gate is still 15 mph over the legal limit,” said Mr Swann.

“I have asked Stormont Department of Regional Development to progress something at this site as a matter of urgency and to make the safety of our children a priority,” he said.

Analysis of the seven-day survey results from Transport NI reveal that the average speed of 1,119 vehicles per day travelling on a section of the Steeple Road was 37.5mph travelling into Kells and 41.2mph leaving the village.

The average speed of 3,092 vehicles travelling towards Kells in the vicinity of the school at Liminary Road was 43.1mph and 45.3 outward from the village while on the surveyed section of the Fernisky Road the average speed of 1,220 vehicles recorded was 30.9mph travelling towards Kells and 26mph outward bound.