Advice for travelling in snowy conditions

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The IAM is issuing advice about driving in winter weather following yellow warnings of snow forecast across much of the country over the next 24 hours.

• Think about the safest possible way to get to your destination. If you can, avoid travelling on quieter roads or country lanes as these are less likely to be gritted.

• Don’t forget to clear off snow piled on the roof and bonnet as it can fall and blow on to the windscreen or the vehicle behind.

• Start your car gently from stationary and avoid high revs. If road conditions are icy and you drive a manual car, move off in a higher gear rather than first gear. Stay in a higher gear to avoid wheel spin.

• Never drive too fast that you risk losing control, but avoid driving so slowly that you risk losing momentum, especially when driving up a slope.

• Double your stopping distance from the vehicle in front of you. This will give you more time to slow down without relying on your brakes.