Aiken calls for 20mph speed limit outside schools

UUP MLA Steve Aiken MBE.  Picture by Freddie Parkinson/Press Eye
UUP MLA Steve Aiken MBE. Picture by Freddie Parkinson/Press Eye

South Antrim Assemblyman Steve Aiken OBE has reiterated his call made during the recent Assembly election campaign to have a part-time 20mph speed limit in place at South Antrim’s schools.

Mr Aiken said that during the election campaign, a common theme that emerged when he spoke with constituents, community groups, schools and parents, was the issue of speeding at schools.

“We have our school zones that are quite effective but there are still issues around safety for children coming to and from school,” Mr Aiken said.

He added: “The idea of implementing speed restrictions would go a long way to reducing the potential for accidents at schools while the part-time nature ensures that the restrictions are not viewed by motorists as arbitrary and therefore can be ignored, as speed limits often are.”

Mr Aiken referred to a petition currently gathering signatures for a 20mph zone at Doagh Primary School.

“The Parent Teacher Association of the school have shown great initiative in drawing attention to the need for a speed reduction during the schools opening and closing times,” Mr Aiken said.

He added: “I wholeheartedly give my support to their cause and will work with my Assembly colleagues, our MP Danny Kinahan, our councillors and TransportNI in delivering this.

“I would like to see this approach rolled-out across South Antrim to ensure the safety of our children and to send a message that school zones, during school hours, are to be taken seriously.”