All arts and parts .. it’s sphere, it’s there .. it’s everywhere!

What's afloat at ecos?
What's afloat at ecos?

The appearance of a strange metallic sphere at various locations throughout the borough has left lots of you guessing and social media buzzing.

From school car parks and health centres to the local cattle mart. and even ecos lake, the object has caused a massive stir amongst those who have spotted it.

Suggestions as to what it could be on social media have included a spaceship, a scientific experiment and even the work of Russian spies!

We can, however, reveal that it is in fact a bathysphere and the work of Donnacha Cahill, artist in resident for the first week of Ballymena’s new Creative Citizen’s Programme.

“People have been bemused at the appearance of a strange spaceship type object popping up around the borough,” a spokesperson for Ballymena Council said.

“This strange object was created by sculptor Donnacha Cahill and placed in strange places, while he stands back and pretends to be an innocent onlooker.”

Prior to coming to Ballymena, his bathysphere has been all over the world including turning up in Hanoi’s West Lake, Vietnam, in May 2013.

The artist said: “The sculpture’s great strength is the reaction it causes. While the object stays essentially the same, its setting and human encounters vary.

Donnacha’s bathysphere will continue to puzzle the public on the next stages of its journey.

Permission has already been received for the sculpture to appear in London’s Thames River and Newfoundland, Canada.