Alliance runner wants ‘new politics’

Jayne Dunlop
Jayne Dunlop

Former Ballymena Councillor Jayne Dunlop is the Alliance party candidate for the forthcoming Westminster election.

Jayne said: “I am pleased to be standing again in North Antrim to give people the opportunity to vote for Alliance. Northern Ireland elections continue to be dominated by 
unionist and nationalist politics which help maintain a divided community.

“There are many people who want to move away from this version of politics to something that focuses on what is best for Northern Ireland, to focus on policies that will improve our economy, health service, transport and education system and 
enable us to move forward together.

“Alliance has been tackling inequality, sectarianism and racism, representing 
everyone regardless of background since it was founded and this is what I will continue to 
do as a Westminster candidate. I urge v oters to move forward 
with me on May 7 to a more inclusive and prosperous future.”

Jayne has previously contested the constituency in 2010, 2005 and 2001 
seeing her vote rise each