Allister seeks clarity from Ford on “saga of outrageous waste”

TUV leader Jim Allister.
TUV leader Jim Allister.

TUV leader Jim Allister is demanding clarity from Justice Minister David Ford on the cost of replacing computer monitors at every location within the NI Courts & Tribunals Service estate.

Mr Allister said he understood each and every computer monitor was being replaced as part of the transition process involved in moving from one IT system provider to another.

He said: “I have asked Minister Ford to advise me of the cost of same. Further, I have invited him to comment on three specific aspects.

“Firstly - is it the case that the current monitors being replaced are 100% adequate and do not need replaced - they are flat screen LCD monitors with many years life left in them? “Secondly - is it correct that the old monitors will be dumped?

“Thirdly - are new monitors being installed in courthouses in respect of whose closure the Minister has recently consulted?

“Surely this is a saga of outrageous waste of tens of thousands of pounds at a time when the Minister regularly remind us of the squeeze within his budget,” Mr Allister said.