Anderson voices concern over lack of disabled parking in Broughshane

Cllr Donna Anderson. (Editorial Image)
Cllr Donna Anderson. (Editorial Image)

A local councillor has raised concerns over the lack of disabled parking in Broughshane.

UKIP rep Donna Anderson said that while Broughshane has a very busy main street and has acceptable levels of on-street parking, not one of them is specifically designated for a disabled person and/or driver.

“This is not an acceptable state of affairs when you consider that an organisation called Scope, which caters for adults with a learning disability use the first floor above the community association on the main street,” Cllr. Anderson said.

She added: “This issue needs to be addressed immediately.

“Currently, those who receive transport have to be escorted around the corner and across a road where the bus awaits them. This is parked on double yellow lines, to lessen the walking distance.

“My own son, who is disabled, attends Scope and does not receive transport, but to maintain a level of independence, l have to stop beside parked cars and block an entire lane of traffic for a short period of time to allow him the freedom of going into the building by himself.”

Cllr. Anderson added that taking into consideration the number of elderly people who live in the area, “life could be made much easier for them and their carers if this issue was rectified”.

“It would give them better access to the chemist and other shops,” Cllr. Anderson said.

She added: “It completely baffles me as to why this has never been addressed before now so I contacted a council officer regarding the non existence of disabled parking spaces in Broughshane.

“The officer will get back to me on this matter, after contacting Transport NI. l hope for a swift response and that measures are urgently taken to address this unacceptable and dangerous situation.”