Anti-speed plan for Kells village

Robin Swann
Robin Swann

New plans from Transport NI to combat the menace of speeding in the village of Kells have been welcomed.

Robin Swann, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman was speaking following a meeting with TransportNI, Kells Primary School and other elected representatives at which a further scheme designed to tackle speeding in the village was unveiled.

But the local MLA stressed that the real answer to such behaviour could only be addressed by a change in drivers’ attitudes. He added: “While I welcome another scheme by TransportNI to introduce additional speed control measures in the villages, the main problem that has to be addressed is driver attitude and their observance of the speed limits.

“The main areas of concern remain unchanged, namely Liminary Road in and around the school, the Ferniskey Road, Steeple Road and Parkgate Road.

“TransportNI’s proposal will see the introduction of 40mph buffer zones prior to the 30mph zone. This has been proven to work in other areas and something that I hope works in my home village.

“There will also be additional road markings to alert drivers of the speed limits and where they come into effect.

“A previous survey indicated excessively high speed around the Primary School and I believe following this recent meeting, the PSNI’s Road Safety Education Unit will be involved with raising road safety and awareness in the school.

“We need these measures implemented as soon as possible otherwise we could be reporting the tragic news of someone seriously injured because of the speeding vehicles and I will ask the Minister to make funds available to his officials,” he said.