Aussie reunion appeal for local relatives

A family reunion at which it is hoped a gap of around 150 years can will be bridged is being planned by the Australian descendants of a Ballymena family.

And they are trying to contact any ‘long lost family’ still living in this area to invite them to the party, to be held held in August this year in Queensland, Australia. The reunion will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival in Australia from Co Antrim of James and Agnes Gordo. Agnes, nee Glenn, was born in 1816, probably in Ahoghill. Her mother’s maiden name was Greer. James was born in 1811 at Deer Park, Co. Antrim. The couple were married in Ahoghill around 1840. Another family member was Nathaniel Gordon, born in 1841 (exact location in Co Antrim unknown). He married Mary Elizabeth Kelly in 1874 at Ballymena. Mary Elizabeth was born in Ballymena around 1856. Nathaniel and Elizabeth came to Australia in 1879.

Organiser, Bill Townsend said: “We would love to hear from any family from Ballymena and invite them to our reunion.”

Contact Bill on or write to 3/21 Yerrin Street, Balwyn, Victoria, Australia, 3103.