Axe man had 'temper fit'

An axe attack was launched on a police car with a female officer inside due to a row over an electronic tag, the High Court heard on Friday.

Friday, 16th July 2010, 5:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd August 2010, 12:44 pm

Prosecutors claimed William Ward, 44, smashed the windscreen in a fit of temper after his friend was denied permission to remove the device and stay out longer.

A co-accused is alleged to have been carrying a machete during the attack in a housing estate in Ballymena, Co Antrim on July 11.

Two officers caught up in what a judge described as "a quite terrifying set of circumstances" were left badly shocked but uninjured.

Ward, of Kew Gardens, Ballymena, faces charges of possessing an offensive weapon in public, criminal damage, attempted grievous bodily harm with intent, and assault on police.

He was refused bail due to the risk of further offences.

Tessa Kitson, prosecuting, said the constables went to his home when he contacted police just after 1am claiming carloads of men armed with axes and swords had threatened him.

She told the court Ward emerged holding a long-handled axe, while a co-accused brandished the machete, after one of the officers got out of the car.

Despite being ordered to drop what he was carrying, it was claimed Ward repeatedly struck and shattered the windscreen.

"The constable inside believed she was in immediate danger of being seriously injured," Mrs Kitson said.

Both suspects were later arrested after police backup arrived.

During questioning Ward claimed he was drunk and thought it was terrorists in the car, the court heard.

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